Do you know the rules and strategies of casino war?

Do you know the rules and strategies of casino war?

It is one of the most preferred childhood games that almost any one had played in their childhood days. And now this has entered into the arena of the casino games. This is the game which can be played in the online and as well as in the offline casino.

To play this game one must have the strategy to loss the other opponent. Without following proper rules no one can crumb up the other one.

Though the play is quite simple but it can pull up the players to play this game more. The dealer plays the game with the player. The dealer has the card that is face up. If the dealer gets the right card then he can beat the player or if the player has the proper card he will beat the dealer and become the winner in the game.

The game needs proper calculation of the opponent’s card, if you the counting properly then the game is yours. Suppose you are about to loose the game then you can quit the game at that very moment. But if you continue with the card then the dealer make his own profit and will leave you in utter destruction. It can ruin you in the game.

The next rule and strategy is if you get the second card that is quit high than the dealer’s then the face of the game will turn to your direction.

In this game tie can also occur. And in such situation the casino will get the profit. The casino wants that in the game tie must occur, so that it will gain the profit.

Therefore before playing this childhood game once again in your mature age do not forget to understand the rules. If you do not follow the rules then no matter you can face with the word lost in your life.